Maths – arithmetic

We applied our knowledge of subtracting one digit number away from three digits to a maths board game. In this game we also had PE forfeits!

Maths skills

 In maths skills we looked a piece of artwork by Kandinsky. From this work we worked in pairs to come up with as much mathematical language we could think of. We then did word bingo using our school glossary to assess everyone’s current understanding.

English – hot seat activity

 The children have been looking at How to train your dragon. Specifically the character Hiccup, we role played the different characters and ‘interviewed’ them to expand our perspective of them. Year 4 used great emotion and expression when doing so!

Pennington Flash trip!

 Today Year 4 went to Pennington Flash on their first school trip of the year! This was to start our grouping living things topic in science. We’ve been looking at natural/man made items in the environment and document animals and their habitats. Next week we will interpret our data and create a observational findings booklet!

 In RE we have been reflecting on Jes us’ power and authority whilst looking at the transfiguration.

PE – dance

 To begin our new dance topic we have assessed our prior knowledge and begun to look at different types of dancing inspired by Madonna.